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Temple of Diana, Inc. is a Non-Profit, 501 (c) 3, Religious Organization Incorporated in the Commonwealth of Mass and with a Chapter in Ohio.

Ordination Information

Crafters & Followers of the Old Religion as brought down to the Earth from the Queen of Heaven Diana herself. Honouring, Venerating & Serving Diana and Apollo as their Priestesses and Priests here on Earth!!!

Sophia Goddess of Wisdom, Bride of God

Apollo Aradia Diana

The Temple of Diana is dedicated to the Continental European Craft, with a particular focus upon European Mysteries and Hermeticism as taught during the Italian Reniassance. While the Temple's official pantheon encompasses a Southern Itallic framework, individual members are encouraged to work with the Deities (generally European or Middle Eastern) that call to them individually, our Priestesses and Priests all follow their own individual paths while working as a body to honour the Gods herein.

  Our foci as an organization is service to the Ancient Gods our Ancestors honouring both the God & Goddess, the feminine and masculine in order to maintain balance in all things; to humanity, and to ourselves. How these objectives are obtained varies - from Temple specific projects to individual endeavors. Our Craft priesthood is a 24/7 day of our lives. 

The Temple of Diana is a strategic alliance with Our Lady and Our Lord of the Trinacrian Rose, meaning we have some board members who are members of the later organisation, yet the Temple of Diana and Our Lord and Lady of the Triancrian Rose Church are two seperate and individual organisations with their own Incorporations.  There is some cross-over between membership and clergy, and the two organizations maintain close family ties to each other.

Temple of Diana, Inc. is a Non-Profit, 501 (c) 3, Religious Organization Incorporated in the Commonwealth of Mass.

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Contact Ariana today for your Traditional Astrology or Tarot Consultation, visit her Official Website today! #1


In the Media


21st of March; Ariana will be interviewed by Susun Weed Green Witch and Master Herbalist on her radio show. We will be discussing areas of traditional astrology, the Black Walnut Anthology and the Craft in general. A link following the interview will be posted for those who would like to listen into the show to enjoy at a later date.

The Spiral Dance w/Hawthorne: The Nemoralia; at the Temple of Diana , this is the show in which I was interviewed on this past August for the Temple of Diana. It is a radio show with my interview in the show. Enjoy the music,


An Interview with Peter Kingsley on the Radio Show, GodSpeed, listen to his interview.

Interviews by Peter Kingsley may be found on his web site, here, enjoy listening the show.



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