Crafters & Followers of the Old Religion as brought down to the

Earth from the Queen of Heaven Diana herself.

Honouring, Venerating & Serving Diana and Apollo as their Priestesses and Priests!!!


Professional and Cleric Services we Offer

Over the years Temple of Diana has grown, changed avenues and evolved to become more involved in the community and within the specter of assisting others who seek spiritual guidance, counseling, healing, protection, learning and understanding their Legal rights and how to protect themselves from becoming victims, performing Marriages & Handfasting (according to you resident state and their laws), Legal Same Sex Marraige (according to your state), New Born blessings, Wiccaning, Death Rituals and more.

***Fees may apply***

There are those who also seek out healing and prayer workings, all of our Priestesses and Priests are available for that no matter your geographical location. If you are in need of healing and prayer workings with ritual workings just contact us directly at, for assistance, you may also contact the HPs via Skype at arinanna3 to speak with her directly, her name is Rev. Ariana Clausen - Vélez, HPs.

Many within the Craft require fees for the work they do for an individual who seeks them out for help in most if not all of these areas, however, as the Gods themselves as well as Diana never charged and never expected payment for healing, protection, the performing of marriages or any Rite/Ritual in which were sought out within their Temples.  Diana’s Temple was and still is a place in which those persons of all walks of life have always been welcomed and when they sought out the guidance of Diana, were so provided freely.

Temple of Diana follows this same concept, however, we do help those, if possible with their needs and if assistance out of our scope is needed we shall refer you to the proper person/s in who may assist you in your matter.  We do claim to know everything, but we do and shall do all we can to help those who seek us out for any of the services we currently provide.

Fees are not required, however, we do accept donations to the Temple of Diana and or you yourself going out into your community or if someone in the future come to you for assistance you so provide it as a form of payment to the Gods.  Volunteer work is another form of payment, or which you feel is acceptable. 

Gathers or our Festivals, we provide are throughout the year and we do require an entrance fee as required by law under the tax laws for 501 c 3 organisations. 

For more information you may contact us directly at

God and Goddess Bless Each and Every One and may the Light of the Moon and Sun bring you prosperity, happiness, and health.

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