Crafters & Followers of the Old Religion as brought down to the

Earth from the Queen of Heaven Diana herself.

Honouring, Venerating & Serving Diana and Apollo as their Priestesses and Priests!!!

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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IRS Search for Charities, go to Search Now and Salem, MA, we are listed under Temple of Diana we are

A public charity with a 50% deductibility limitation.

501 © 3 tax-exempt organization

a Religious {Chapter 180}

Strategically Allianced with

(IRS Definition of Strategic Alliance ~ Organizations remain independent, but may have overlapping board or shared staffing arrangements. Close organizational coordination to provide complementary programs, eliminate duplicative services and administrative redundancy, and/or to conduct joint fundraising, public relations.)

Our Lord and Lady of the Trinacrian Rose Church, Inc. {Massachusetts}


Sacred Paths Alliance Network, Inc. {Massachusetts}






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