In Memory



It is with tremendous sadness and love that we share the passing of many whom we love and known over the years.


Olga Chester Schulenberg

2010 December, Rev. Lillee Aillee lost her Mother unexpectedly, her name is Olga Chester Schulenberg may she return home amoungst her family and loved ones and may we always remember the Light in which she brought to her and her family. Lillee our thoughts, prayers and love are with you always.

Temple of Diana

John Bruno Hare

8 July 1955 - 27 April 2010

Founder of

John Bruno Hare (JBH or Bruno), the founder and architect of ISTA (Internet Sacred Text Archive) passed away on April 27, 2010 after a four-year battle with Melanoma. JBH’s life mission was to keep the archive free and available worldwide, forever, and ISTA is his legacy. Bruno’s efforts placed this website,, among the top 10,000 read websites in the United States, and among the top 20,000 read websites of the entire Internet. He dedicated ISTA to religious tolerance and scholarship, calling it a “quiet place in cyberspace."


Lady Sintana

lady sintana


Founder and Witch Queen of
Ravenwood Church & Seminary of Wicca, Inc.

Used w/Permission from Lady Larina

Without Lady Sintana’s tenacity, vision, and dedication to the Craft, most of us would not enjoy the freedoms of our religion today. Her contributions to Wiccan civil rights cannot be measured. Having been trained by many in the Traditional Craft community including Lord Sariel from the Isle of Man and Lady Circe of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Wicca in Toledo, OH, Lady Sintana founded Ravenwood Church & Seminary of Wicca, Inc. in the Little Five Points area of Atlanta in the 1970s. Through numerous court battles to win incorporation and recognition for Ravenwood as a 501c3 not for profit church, Lady Sintana paved the way for public acceptance of the Craft as a legitimate religion. Throughout her life, she served as a renowned and respected Craft Elder who was known for her outspoken commitment to promoting public education and understanding of the Old Ways. There were countless many who loved her, some who feared her, but never one who forgot her. We are all in her debt. With her passing, we lose yet another of the Elders who have shaped and formed our heritage and identity today. May we honor her memory and legacy by living truly, honestly and sincerely in keeping with the Old Laws and sacred teachings of our various Traditions. Journey well in Love and Trust, Great Lady. May we meet, and know, and love one another again in days and lives to come.

As we Remember Michael Jackson


Michael Joseph Jackson, born on 29 August 1958, ruling number 6 the number of Venus of love, compassion and a nurturing soul, finding his true self in doing good deeds, and then he returned home on the 25th day of June 2009, again ruling nubmer 6 Venus a time of death and life, we must remember a man who lived life to help others as a World Ambassador, a brother, father and husband while he was married. Michael is loved by hundreds of thousands from around the globe and he never faltered in showing how he loved compassionatly back to everyone.

We need to also remember Michael accepted everyone no matter their race, creed, colour or religion and through this he brought Unity, he knows that one is not defined by what they look like or how they believe, but by their Heart which is the truth of ones' Soul, how he lived life and treated humanity is how we need to embrace and work together in order to bring healing to this World. His song We are the World says it all. How does one of his stature enjoy privacy in his life, in where he felt more alive when he was surrounded by those in whom he could help, this is what him the happiest. Misunderstood, yes, mistreated by the media, yes, Loved by all, Yes.

Micheal Joseph, two names in which are sacred, one in which speaks of Michael the ArchAngel, the protector, the one who brought balance and order, yet who loves those with a passion. Jospeh the man who in historical times stood by Mary and accepted though not by his own seed to raise a son in which was bestowed upon to Mary by the Angel Gabriel for humanity to find unity and healing in the world. Sounds, like Michael Joseph Jackson, lived up to his path in this life.

Now, Michael, you are home, home with those who have by thought, word and deed given and done the job in which was bestowed upon you by the Gods and Angels and you did it well. May you sing, dance and enjoy your new life, your new journey and when you are again ready and better prepared return to this Earth to guide another generation.

May the Blessings of myself, Temple of Diana & Our Lord and Lady of the Trinacrian Rose Church be with you and your family always. We are of the same mind in that we respect all religions, all cultures, creeds, and colours and we seek to see a Better Place for all of Humanity.

Today, watching his Memorial on CNN, you saw all those who lives were touched by Michael, today you saw a member of the House bring an Honour bestowed upon to Michael for the Humanitarian Ambassador, you saw his daugher Paris speak and listening to her broke my heart, so young to have lost her Father, and for her the Best Father one could have had i this life. So instead of assuming and making Asses out of you and Me, start looking at what he accomplished in his life. Many

Blessings and May the Gods and Angels guide you on your new path.

Rev. Arinanna Clausen De Velez

Rev. Lori Bruno

Your Light Shines always.

The God and Goddess have welcomed home Mary Elaine Day Taeger, beloved Wife of Glenn Taeger and Mother of Reverend High Priest Christian Day Salem, MA, on 4th September 2008. Mary Elaine was not just a wife and mother she was all to her family and friends, kindness, caring and love were there continuously for everyone she met, she was a creative person and courageous. This courage she gave to her son Christian, who has become everything his mother, is proud Christian Day has mirrored her courage and convictions for Justice. He is a fine example of what a Priest of the Ancient Mighty Ones should be. Walk, Mary Elaine with the Light into the Welcoming arms of the God and Goddess and all the beings of Light into Eternal Life. In time may you return to those who love you.
Viva Benedzione Mama

Reverend /High Priestess/ Elder Lori Bruno and Reverend/ High Priestess Darcie Clausen de Vélez
Our Lord and Lady of the Trinacrian Rose Church
Temple of Diana
Golden Magi of Sacred Circles’ Coven

Reverend High Priest Dennis Kirkpatrick and Reverend High Priestess Mary Kirkpatrick
Our Lord and Lady of the Trinacrian Rose Church

We are here for such a short time we come from many places our lives are marked by many trials and tribulations before we come into the Light. But there are those individuals which from those trials and tribulations carry a Light to inspire those who come to them, such was our departed Sister, Reverend, High Priestess Robin Massarow/Chiera Di Luna of the Coven of Sacred Stone of Plantation/Sunrise, FL., Born to this physical world on 5 May 1956 and as of the 6 September 2008 at 9:50 p.m. now walks with the Mighty Ones they welcome her, they Robe her with the mantel of Eternal Light, they have prepared for her the Feast of Feasts ~ She is Whole!

They sing the song of Rebirth and she will return in time to those whom she loves in a new life and may she remember ~ Viva Figlia Benedezino Sempre you have come home to be reborn there is mourning there and joy, you are one with the Moon and the Sun.

Survived by Jade Morrisey [Daughter} and her husband Sean Morrisey and their daughter, her granddaughter Jayla-Lee Morrisey, her son Jeffery Massarow and his wife Sharmain and their son, her grandson Jevin Massrow, followed by her second daughter Jacquline Summers and her other son Jason Cook and his daughter, her granddaughter Justyce Cook.

Viva Bella Filgia Di Madre

Rev. Lori Bruno & Rev. Darcie Clausen de Vélez

Our Lord and Lady of the Trinacrian Rose Church
Temple of Diana
Sacred Circles’ Coven