Crafters & Followers of the Old Religion as brought down to the

Earth from the Queen of Heaven Diana herself.

Honouring, Venerating & Serving Diana and Apollo as their Priestesses and Priests!!!

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Bright Blessings, and welcome to Arsenic & Old Lace. Here you will find over 7500 quality Pagan and Wiccan tools, gifts, and occult supplies. We provide them with some of the best prices you will find and deliver them with integrity and exceptional customer service. Each month we offer you a 15% discount on a selected collection.

Made in the ancient magical traditions of herbal and lunar magic, Bayou Witch Incense is more than just an enchanting, mythical, magickal and powerful fragrance. I have been making the Coventry Creations incense lines since their inception, and have over 25 years experience in blending and creating incense and magickal oils for companies all over the world. My products are superior to anything you can find. I use the highest quality fragrance and essential oils, and my incense sticks are ecologically friendly - made with bamboo - a highly sustainable resource.

Many people have approached me about Bayou Witch Incense's packaging. I feel it is much more important to have a high quality product, one in which you can use with satisfactory results EVERY time, than a fancy box or package you throw away, and mediocre incense or oils. So my products are very simply placed in biodegradable plastic bags and glass bottles that can be recycled. I think you will agree with me that it is a better idea. It isn't as pretty, but it is MUCH more magickal and fragrant as a result. And THAT is what you are purchasing - a high-end, high-quality product.

Handcrafting the World's Finest Grimoires

Damanhur, is an eco-society based on ethical and spiritual values, awarded by an agency of the United Nations as a model for a sustainable future.

Founded in 1975, the Federation has about 1,000 citizens and extends over 500 hectares of territory throughout Valchiusella and the Alto Canavese area, at the foothills of the Piedmont Alps.











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